lundi 30 juin 2014

D-Day - Revised Diorama for Dust… In Progress

Sculpture of a paving stone of stiff polystyrene (60cms x 95cms) for an uchronic version of the D-day. Work of the ground, rocks and gravels. First coat to smooth the defects and have an overview. The summit of the cliff is going to welcome the Dust bunker. And naturally there will be some water.

jeudi 5 juin 2014

Creating a little town for War gamers… In progress

Working on the WWX Western Cottages from Micro Art Studio
For a very moderate price, less than 30 euros, you have 4 Western WWX Cottages, which can very well go with those of 4Ground (series WWII - 28mm). These houses are very pleasant to paint, the composite of a high quality, with an excellent finish. And as this range is 35mm it's perfect for Dust for example. The structures were only spray-painted, a little made dirty and I am going to begin to work the effects and especially the ground where buildings will be stuck (sorry no photos).