samedi 13 juillet 2013

MF48541 Renault B2 Flamethrower / New model by Master Fighter

At the end of the French Campaign, the military materials and more especially the armored materials, were seized by the German army within sight of the conditions of armistice and should be used by the German units. Thus, the Wehrmacht recovered the French tanks. The Flammenwerferpanzer Renault B2(f) was based on a Tank B1 Bis that kept its turret with its armament of 47mm, but the co-axial cannon of 75 mm was withdrawn and replaced by a system of spear flame. A flammable liquid reservoir was installed at the rear of the chariot. The flame  throws had a capacity of 200 throws of 3 seconds. 60 tanks were thus modified.

This model has been put on a 1/48th diorama and photographed directly.

Model By Master Fighter (Copyright Olivier Saint LO - Quarter Kit)


And to spread our range (tanks and fighters) and vary the fights bound to DUST !
All models shown here are in 1/48th scale.