vendredi 13 décembre 2013

Gaso.Line... Panzerjäger I Ausf.B

German tank destroyer Panzerjäger I Ausf.B 4.7cm PaK(t)
(Panzerjäger I Ausf.B 4.7cm PaK(t)). 1/48th scale model completely built and paint by Master Fighter). Model is compatible with Dust. Available on january 2014.

This vehicle opens the breed for long series of conversions made for the Wehrmacht with a tank chassis and cannon. The Sd. Kfz. 101 integrates the Czech Skoda built 47 mm anti-tank cannon on top of a stripped down Panzer I type B. 202 Panzerjäger 1 were rolled out before September 1939. This vehicle could still dash at 25 mph with the small NL 38 TR Maybach engine yielding 100 hp, although its weight rose at 6.4 tonnes. The range was 87 miles. The crew of three operated the PaK 36 (t) 47 mm gun for which 86 shells were carried onboard (76 AT and 10 HE). 
The performances (muzzle velocity: 775 m/s, range: 1,500 m) of this weapon were superior to anything the Germans were relying on before 1940. Dubbed “Ente” i.e. duck, this first generation tank destroyer served in the West until June 1940 then in North-Africa and on the Eastern Front until late 1943.