dimanche 27 octobre 2013

lundi 21 octobre 2013

The Japanese Officer...
Officer, tank crew and mechanic Japanese 1/48 models availables at Gaso.line

jeudi 17 octobre 2013

Heavy WWII Bomber... Part IV

The Messerschmitt ME 323-Gigant. One of the heaviest military transport aircraft from the WWII.

mardi 15 octobre 2013

Dust German Army

A German Army for Dust... Photoshop CS5 creation with models and background forest recomposed.
The same composition with a Photoshop filter for a moore illustrative effect...

vendredi 11 octobre 2013

Heavy WWII Bomber... Part II

The Petlyakov Pe-8: Soviet Four-Engine Heavy Bomber (designed before WWII).

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Heinkel 111

Compositions based on a die cast model from Franklin Mint Collection Armour - Heinkel 111 (1/48 scale) and Pelican P48X from Dust. Skies and backgrounds are models and CGI.
(This model: Luftaffe 2./KG 27 Heinkel HE-111. Poland campaign, September 1939).