vendredi 30 août 2013

dimanche 25 août 2013

A German-land-wasser-schlepper I and a development for a "leichtes Luftschiff", German Light self Propulsed Balloon...

samedi 17 août 2013

A German Division. Models (Marder III Sd. Kfz. and Sd. Kfz.2 Kleines Kettenkraftrad) from Hobby Master, Sturmtiger by AFV Club and figurines by Master Fighter. (1/48)

mercredi 14 août 2013

First picture of a nuclear test, operated by the new US P48X bomber... The poor quality of the picture is due to the large blast effect, which damaged the camera !

mardi 13 août 2013

The Tripoli flight... A Savoia Marchetti from the 5th German division under attack by a P48X, late 1947.

dimanche 11 août 2013

Messerschmitt Me 163B-1A Komet & Messerschmitt Me 262...

Soviet MTBS Type G5... Research & camo for WWII Russian's fleet.